Elderly and Disabled Services

Savin Rock Communities continuously works to expand the opportunities for our Elderly and Disabled residents who may be homebound. We have partnered with many different local organizations to bring our residents services that may not otherwise be accessible.

Our onsite Elderly & Disabled Service Coordinator fosters an environment in which elderly persons and persons with disabilities can live independently and remain in their communities. The Service Coordinator provides residents with access to resources available in the community, and designs programs to meet the needs and desires of our elderly and disabled population. This service plays a critical role in supporting our residents through:

  • Financial and Physical security
  • Social connections
  • Delivery of long-term community based supportive services

Resident Services Coordinator

To promote social engagement and to help our residents maintain physical and mental health, each year, we put together seasonal events hosted by Savin Rock Communities. Our residents look forward to these events! Below are some of the annual engagements put together for our senior and disabled population.

Resident Services Coordinator
Yolanda Russell: yrussell@savinrockcommunities.org
203-934-8671 Ext. 110 / 203-937-0611


  • September – Breakfast with the seniors
  • Sept/Oct-Flu Clinic
  • November-Thanksgiving Baskets/Dinner


  • Luau BBQ
  • Mother’s Day Celebration


  • December-Holiday Workshop
  • February-Greek Olive
  • April-Veteran’s Museum


  • Donate Life, Farmer’s market, Casino, Ice cream social


Providing resources to build a healthy and balanced community that will promote a healthier lifestyle.

Substance Abuse Prevention

Connecting residents and their families with adequate preventive care and intervention resources to maintain a drug-free environment.

Social Engagement

Reducing social isolation by actively engaging our residents in their living environment to remain self-sufficient.

Mental Health

Providing care strategies to address the mental health needs in older and disabled adults.

Case Management

Assist residents and their family to make the right decisions and obtain appropriate care based on their needs, their budget, options and resources available.

Advocate for Senior Issues

Advocate for the well-being of older adults, as well as issues that concern our community, our safety, and our happiness.

Home Management

Promoting in-home care provides seniors with home health care, non-medical care, and even companionship.


Transportation is essential for maintaining independence and health. Our resources provide transportation for errands and medical appointments, allowing our residents to navigate safely to their destination.