Welcome Housing Choice Voucher Program Landlords! Good relationships between Savin Rock Communities and landlords are key to the program’s success.

Listing your Property
In just one easy step, a landlord can advertise their property to thousands of potential residents. You can download our online form below. The completed form can be faxed it to
203-937-0306 or sent via email to:

Direct Deposit
SRC processes direct deposit for all payments. To set up your direct deposit please download and complete the form below and submit it to SRC as soon as possible. Please remember to include a voided/cancelled check with the form. You can access payment history from the HAB/PAL computer system. Please see directions on how to sign up for this access.

If there is a change of property ownership, the Change of Ownership form must be completed and submitted to SRC as soon as possible. Please be advised a completed W-9 form must be submitted.